About the history of HOG

In 1997 the manufacturer of HOG Stirling Engines has decided to increase his pocket money after regular work was done. That is a typical manner of the region in South Germany where we live.  At first you have to built a house for your family and then you increase pocket money to adequate level. When river of red ink ran dry you order your first Mercedes Benz.... Anyway on basis of his profession and his experience it stood to reason to use free time wisely. The idea of manufacturing Stirling Engines was born. Some setbacks, some new ideas showed the way to a successful concept. Efficient operating mode and excellent design. Meanwhile there are more than 20.000 HOG running through the woods all over the world to delight their owners. During some of these years it was forgotten to go on vacation but therefore HOG Manson Double joined the family. High quality and long life "Made im Ländle" are guarantors of customers satisfaction.

"Ländle" means the part of South Germany, where Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Audi are located.

Grandpa HOG! He is gotten long in the tooth but still is running like the first time.

Young 'n' old (2014 and 2001)

. GrandpaHOG, HOG Gold and HOG Magnus Altsilber (One of a kind!)

2001 and 2002.

Hope you did enjoy the short trip to history.