Now I want to present my small and modest collection.

Hot air engines became my hobby because it is fascinating to me what warm air can move.

Dazzling array of models is boundless no matter of being produced in companies for commercial or manufactured by enthusiast for personal pleasure. Simple design restricted for function or filigree and extensive construction with perfect design - you will find any type. From models created strictly to scale like machines used in factories and households to visionary designed models - indeed it is boundless...

Now let's have a look to my mostly simple engines. Among others there are two ready to assemble kits that wait for assembling. Later you can the expirience I made with. Maybe it is usefull for one or other of visitors.

Meine Sammlung

HOG Flammenlos - HOG flameless

Made in Germany

His heat source is a water quench or a place on a tiled stove. 

Piston is made of foam material and good for max. 70°C - 158°F. That's the reason why you should not use candle light, denatured alcohol burner, hot plate or something else.

But he is a continuous runner on a tiled stove. 

Suitable for kids.

Made in China


This model is a ready to assemble kit. And assembling can be done by easily. Really that is no big challenge.

On a cup of coffee this stirling was a little bit lame. You should not have great expectations.

It is reasonably priced for beginners.

Suitable for kids. 

This Stirling is part of an experiment set "Franzis Lernpaket".

Only required tool is a crosstip screwdriver. This Stirling needs vertical mode because pisplace piston and fl wheel are coupled magnetically.

This set offers some experiment with electronical parts and a plugin plate. No soldering is necessarily to prepare electronics for experiments.

Manual is easy to understand. I think it is available in English, too.

A nice set designed for teenagers. 

Böhm HB12 - Big Powerstation

Assembly kit.

It is a quality assembly kit which made fun from beginning over assembling till first run.



More to see:



Stirling Gamma-Type

Made in Germany - self-made

A busy engine with nice sound, always a pleasure. 

Crank axle allows to mount a drive wheel.

Wiggers Double Balanced Gamma-Type

Made in Germany

Very beautiful Stirling. Variable low speed motor that sounds like a flame licker.

I love him.

Stirling Gamma-Type

Home-made somewhere in Germany

All parts are running easily. But does not work. Needs maintenance...

Stirling engine Henrici style

Home-made in Hamburg, Germany

Manufactured in about 15 hours

Tea candle powered. Therefore he is sooting...

Willing to run and reliable.

Was in nächster Zeit erscheinen wird...

Stirling Gamma-Type

Made in Germany

Klaus Künneth designed this ready to assemble kit. 

Detailed report follows.


Flame licker

Made In Germany 

Ready to assemble kit by James Maiwald

Should look like this...


To be continued...